Requirements, Rules & Regulations

Here are a few of the requirements, rules & regulations each gamer has to meet in order to be considered a member:

-No Abusive Language!
-Be Mature! We don`t want to see immature behaviour on Xfire, in-game, during meetings, etc.
-No racism is tolerated.
-No inappropriate sprays (Counter Strike Source).

-Xfire is a required program.

-You must be 14 years of age or older.
-You may not be involved with any other clan while being in this clan.
-You have to be able to communicate in English fluently.
-You must have a microphone.

-It is your duty to notify the team captain if you are not able to make meetings, games, practices etc.
-You must be a resident of Western United States or Canada.
-You must have a good internet connection.
-You must respect everyone, including your opponents.

    Failure to oblige to the requirements, rules & regulations above will result in immediate rejection or termination of membership.